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1+1 Pandemic

micro series in development


Deniz, a customer representative, is forced to work from home during a pandemic. With no opportunity to go out, they find themselves trapped in a 1+1 apartment with their roommate Rana. Deniz has to face the psychological burden brought on by the pandemic and Rana's attitudes that violate Deniz's personal space.

Director: Medusa Aslı

Scriptwriters: Medusa Aslı & Özgün Tutar

About the Director

Medusa Aslı (İzmir) graduated from Film Design Department and had a master degree in Art and Design. Medusa, who focused on queer cinema, wrote their thesis on queer theory and cinema. Medusa, who is also a diving instructor, combines two great passions, cinema and diving and focuses on underwater screening. Medusa is working in the film industry as an underwater camera operator.